Upsetting Events That Happened In Your Past

Do Not Have To Keep Ruining Your Life

Enough! Enough of past events messing up your life!

Just because terrible events happened in the past does not mean life now has to be terrible!  It is possible for those terrible events to be just memories that are truly in the past.  That happier, less chaotic, and more sane life is possible.  It is possible to heal an awful past and truly put it back where it belongs – In the past!  It is possible to stop having unwanted, overwhelming and upsetting memories that pop up and ruin today’s joy.  It is possible to for events that happened in childhood to stop hurting.

You’ve tried ignoring it, pushing it away, and stuffing it down…

But still it keeps coming back.

It keeps coming back and getting in your way because it needs to be dealt with.  Your brain naturally wants to process through and deal with the events in your life.  When an event happens that overwhelms your brain’s natural ability to process, it gets stuck.  That stuck memory will keep coming back and demanding your attention until it is successfully processed.

I want to help you successfully process through those stuck memories.

Stuck memories can come from many experiences.

Witnessing or experiencing violence such as war, domestic violence, violent crime, bullying, car accident, and more.  Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires, etc.  Sexual assault that happened when you were a child or as an adult.  Experiencing violent or hateful prejudice.  Unhealthy family dynamics: abuse, neglect, emotional unavailability, enmeshment, and more.  Or any other experience that left you with a deep, strong, negative feeling that you just can’t let go.

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